Mid-power LED utilizes quantum dots for tunable light transformation

Osram is currently utilizing Quantum Dots (QD)- based conversion technology to improve the adequacy of its LEDs even at high color rendering indexes.

The light that is re-emitted when blue LED light hits the quantum dots relies upon the size of the particles. For instance, QD particles that are approximately three nanometers in size produce green light, while particles around seven nanometers emit red light. This tunable light conversion technology is currently being utilized in the Osconiq S 3030 QD mid-power LED from Osram Opto Semiconductors, which the organization says is a first for the general lighting market.

The Osconiq S 3030 QD was uncommonly created for zone lighting and downlight applications. The great advantage of using QDs is that the current LED manufacturing processes continue as before. Tunable QDs are just utilized instead of conventional phosphors when the converter material is connected.

Over a year back Osram procured Pacific Light Technologies (PLT), a leading organization in the improvement and manufacturing of high-performance nanomaterials. The PLT QD technology empowers Osram to start to close the efficacy gap that exists between CRI 80 and CRI 90 LEDs today.

The Osconiq S 3030 incorporates an exceptionally created QD phosphor solution that empowers CRI 90 to accomplish a remarkable efficacy value of 173 lm/W at 3000 K – a best-in-class value for 0.2W high-performance LEDs. The 3.0×3.0mm device is available in various color temperatures from 2,700 to 6,500 K.