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Kwt Today – One of the most Famous Indian News Platforms!!!


For the younger Indian audience, Kwt Today being one of the most used digital news platforms. It was registered in 2014 in Mumbai (a famous Indian City) and up to now, it is being used as the primary source to keep everyone updated with new trending stories and activities. 

With the advent of magnificent technologies, we are getting digitalized. Technology has made life easier and the demand surges day by day. Experts have pondered to bring a platform that is easily adjusted with just finger taps and they finally end up with Kwt Today – One of the most advanced digital centers of news.

Along with a number of other digital news and socializing stages, Kwt Today has magnificently earned its name among Indians and certainly, they love it too. So, what makes it so popular? What features does it have to win so many hearts? And why is that different from the list of other?

Following features define why Kwt Today is one of the most favorite Indian News Platforms!

1.     It Demonstrated the New and Broad ways to Deal with Journalism

The founder, Clinton Misquitta says, he and all of his co-workers have fully focused on Digital media tool and strategies while creating it, they tried to make it handy easily manageable and accessible for the journalists and readers both with one hand device. As the world keeps introducing different changes into it, the value of traditional newspaper plunges and there is the huge fraction avoids newspapers for many reasons, the founder of Kwt Today has introduced the digital and more accessible ways to media because the guy knew well the need of the era that the Digital media is the future of journalism.

2.     Kwt Today has efficiently managed the Digital Revolution:

Not everyone’s cup of tea to manage the digital revolution in a very short period but Kwt Today has done that flawlessly. Following incredibly successful 5 years of hard work, not wrong to say it knows to manage the digital revolution. Over time, it adopted the ways to make it more engaged with trendy and spicy news, episodic events, and storylines that cover the entire world. Unlike newspaper, readers can jump into new sports, entertainment, and weather forecast with a single touch now it’s time to escape from flipping papers. It covers live blogs, short news, live news events, short videos raising a number of nation’s issues, weather updates, and meet a wide range of news values.

3.     A number of Indians now Serving Kwt Today

What makes it favorite of many Indians? Kwt Today is now a partner of a number of non-profit organizations in India, it extended its area and offered many jobs to journalists, freelancers, and social media strategists. With a vast number of fans following, Kwt Today covers many cultural aspects and traditional activities for broadcasting purposes. India is the huge country for the entertainment, tourism, and traditional points of view and people around the world love to explore more about it. This gives Kwt Today a distinction!