EUON Looks for Topic Suggestions for Future Studies on Nanomaterials

The European Union (EU) Observatory for Nanomaterials (EUON) conducts up to three studies yearly. The studies are proposed to address knowledge gaps identifying with nanomaterials that are of interest to the general public and the research community. EUON announced on January 14, 2019, that it is presently searching for subject proposals that could be addressed in its up and coming studies. EUON is searching for studies that address:

Questions relating to the health and safety of nanomaterials, including danger and risk assessment, introduction to nanomaterials, or laborer wellbeing and protection;

Explicit issues encompassing the employments of nanomaterials by consumers or workers;

Markets for nanomaterials, concentrating on EU markets.

EUON states that the extent of the study can be on nanomaterials in done, a particular nanomaterial, or a characterized gathering of nanomaterials. It should to be conceivable to execute the study within three to nine months. The studies should to be founded on work area inquire about and reviews, and they should not require experimental facilities, for instance for conducting animal or other laboratory studies. Recommendations are expected January 25, 2019. The EUON secretariat will assess all proposals. EUON’s current system contracts will carry out the selected proposals. EUON will make the outcome and study reports publicly available on the EUON website.

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