Environment scientists to send nanotechnology for waste management

Analysts from the Department of Environmental Engineering, Government College of Technology, Coimbatore are building up an innovation wherein nanoparticles will be utilized for waste management.

The scientists have been trying with various kinds of nanoparticles to treat an assortment of effluents and waste ranging from domestic sewage to coloring effluents and oils.

Nanotechnology is utilized for water management, waste water management, solid waste management and air quality management by applying nanomaterials.

Carbon materials, for example, carbon nanotubes and other composite nanomaterials are utilized to expel gushing materials from waste water.

A portion of the scientists likewise use nano-fibres to evacuate endocrine upsetting chemicals in domestic sewage by utilizing carbon nanotubes to expel dyes from dyeing industry effluents and nano-membranes in oil waste water management.

The specialists notice that the nanomaterials have a high surface region by which they evacuate bothersome substances utilizing the procedure of absorption. In this procedure, particles adhere to the surface region of the nanomaterials and are expelled through filtration or coagulation processes.

As indicated by the department head, the specialists are working on two wide zones, nanotechnology and biotechnology. The biotechnology analysts are working on to extricate bio-fuels from waste through aging.

Technical Education Quality Improvement Program (TEQUIP) is subsidizing this exploration contemplate. Assets of Rs 5 crore and Rs 3 crore have been gotten by the centre under phase II and phase-III.